Mizuno T24 Denim Copper Golf Wedge

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Mizuno T24 Denim Copper Golf Wedge

Mizuno's latest T24 Wedges carry on the rich tradition of Mizuno's exceptional wedges, proudly crafted at their renowned facility in Hiroshima, Japan, a legacy dating back to 1968. The new one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron T24 Wedge upholds this legacy, a critical factor in the creation of Mizuno's iconic irons over the years.

The Mizuno team's expertise is evident in their precise adjustments to the club's top line, achieved through a lower hosel blend and the strategic removal of excess weight from the toe. This meticulous work results in a more compact profile without compromising the club's sweet spot. The introduction of a new QUADCUT + groove system with a tighter groove pattern significantly enhances the wedge's spin capabilities. Additionally, Mizuno's HydroFlow Micro Grooves, complemented by a laser-etched pattern, enable the wedge to generate maximum spin, even in damp conditions.

As a standard configuration, the wedge features the Dynamic Gold Tour issue shaft and a Multi-Compound Black/Grey Grip. However, customisation options are available in the custom section to tailor the wedge to your preferences.

5 New Grinds for Mizuno T24 Wedge:

  • S-Profile - High bounce with limited relief. For Full Shots
  • D-Profile - Mid bounce with moderate relief for gentle manipulation
  • C-Profile - Mid/High bounce with generous relief for a wide range of players/conditions
  • V-Profile - High bounce with aggressive relief for versatility and steeper attack angles
  • X-Profile - Low bounce with aggressive relief for versatility and shallow attack angles