Ping G430 Steel Irons

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Ping are back again with a new iteration of their famed G Series Irons. This time with the remarkable G430 Irons. The G Series irons are one of those that seem to be in at least one bag in every four ball. It's hard to go out on the course and not see at least one set in someone's bag. And this is due diligence to how good these clubs always are, and always have been throughout the years. Starting in 2003 with the Ping G2 irons, Ping have just made them better and better every time they release a new model. This years release boasts even more technology than the last and take the G Series to a new level.

This new level starts with distance. Ping have managed to engineer an even thinner face and combined it with a lower CG. Ping claim this has increased ball speeds by over 2mph, which has produced between 7-10 yards more distance in their tests. An extra 10 yards will help just about everyone's game. It can be around a full club of distance for some golfers, meaning that par 3 which used to be a 9 iron, is now a PW, helping you get closer to the pins. But it doesn't stop there, the Purflex technology allows for more free bending in the face, adding ball speeds from all over the club head. These 7 flex zones not only make the clubs sound and feel better, but they also give more speed from all areas of the face. This will mean mishits are going nearly as far as clean strikes, stopping them drop out of the air as you get with other, less forgiving clubs.

Another aid for forgiveness is the new sole design. An approximate 1 degree of additional bounce has been added to the clubs. This will help to ensure cleaner strikes, even on heavy hits. More often than not, a heavy strike is the bane of a golfer's life when approaching the green, less distance, and less spin, means its probably going to come up short. But by adding the extra bounce, Ping are keeping these shots to a minimum, helping you to have more confidence when trying to attack those pins! 

Ping are becoming known for the excellent Hydropearl Chrome finish, which makes another appearance on these G430's. The chrome look is magnificent. But as usual with Ping, looks are only the beginning. The Hydropearl 2.0 boasts a fantastic feature. It allows for more control and consistency in wet conditions by shifting water off the face, ensuring maximum groove interaction. 

Another point on the looks of the G430's is that the Hosel has been shortened, not only though for a more clean look. But it also lowers the CG to increase ball speeds and maintain solid impact, especially when the ball is caught low on the face. 

The lofts have been custom engineered for the G430's for Perfect gapping. 3 different specs are on offer; Standard, Retro and Power. Each giving you an extra choice in custom fit, whether you want your irons to maximise their distance, or add even more height for softer landings around the green, the choice is yours. 

As usual with Ping, they encourage custom fitting, if you can't get a dynamic fit, they also offer charts to make sure you select the right length and lie for your clubs. The choice of shafts and grips is great too, meaning you'll be able to find your ideal clubs to take your game to the next level!

  • Hydropearl 2.0 Finish
  • Hyper 17-4 Stainless Steel Body
  • Shorter Hosel For A Lower CG
  • Forgiving Sole Design
  • 2+ MPH Ball Speeds
  • Engineered Lofts
  • Thinner Face
  • Lots Of Custom Options