TaylorMade Spider Tour V Double Bend Golf Putter

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TaylorMade’s Spider series putters need no introduction. The familiar Spider shape has been seen on Tour for nearly 20 years, used by some of the best professionals on the planet to win some of the game’s biggest prizes.

The Spider Tour V putter from TaylorMade represents a departure from the traditional design of the Spider Tour series, introducing several unique features and design elements: Streamlined Look: The Spider Tour V putter eliminates the wing structure seen in previous Spider Tour models, resulting in a more streamlined and compact appearance. This design choice aims to enhance the putter's aesthetics and potentially appeal to golfers who prefer a more compact head shape. True PathTM Alignment: Despite the changes in design, the Spider Tour V retains the True PathTM Alignment technology, which aids golfers in aligning their putts more accurately. This feature can help golfers achieve better aim and make more consistent putts. Pure RollTM Technology: The Pure RollTM insert technology, a hallmark of the Spider Tour Series, is still incorporated in the Spider Tour V. This insert promotes a forward roll of the ball and reduces skidding, which contributes to improved accuracy and distance control. High MOI Design: The Spider Tour V continues the Spider Tour Series' emphasis on stability by using multi-material construction to position weight low and back in the head. This design results in an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI), making the Spider Tour V one of the most stable putters ever designed by TaylorMade. The high MOI enhances forgiveness on off-center strikes, aiding in more consistent putting performance. HYBRAR Echo® Damper: A new addition to the Spider Tour V is the HYBRAR Echo® Damper, which is placed behind the face. This damper is designed to reduce vibrations, providing a crisp sound and feel with each putt. A pleasing sound and feel can contribute to golfer confidence and control. Toe Hang: The Spider Tour V has a 32-degree toe hang, which indicates a more vertical angle. This toe hang is suitable for players with a moderate face rotation in their putting stroke.

Overall, the Spider Tour V combines innovative design elements, advanced materials, and customization options to offer golfers a putter that aims to enhance stability, alignment, feel, and performance on the greens. It caters to golfers who seek a compact, stable, and customizable putter to improve their putting game.

  • TaylorMade’s most stable putter to date.
  • Compact Spider design.
  • Optically engineered True Path™ alignment.
  • Higher MOI for more stability.
  • Double Bend – Face Balanced
  • Durable anodised finish.
  • Tour-Proven Pure Roll 2 insert.
  • KBS CT Putter Black PVD Stepless shaft.
  • 17-inch SuperStroke 3.0 grip.
  • Premium quality magnetic closure headcover.
  • 33/34/35 inch shaft lengths.
  • Left handed and Right Handed options available.