Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putters

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Odyssey Putters
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Odyssey are known to be innovative and push the boundaries of golf club technology. They have done this again with their latest offering, the new Stroke Lab Black putter series. There are seven putter head styles within the range and 13 in total when you take into consideration offset shaft options.

All of the putters in the range benefit from the use of a Stroke Lab shaft which has a steel tip with the rest of the shaft being made from graphite. As well as giving the shaft added stiffness it is also lighter which has allowed the developers to add weight to the putter head and end of the grip. This has resulted in the putter being perfectly balanced and stable allowing you to have the perfect tempo and stroke to able to hole those tricky 4 footers.

Odyssey have manufactured a new Microhinge Star insert which has been used in the face of all of this range. This gives you a great consistent roll off of the face so distance control becomes much easier. Each of the putters come in a rich black finish to give an extremely classy look. The Bird of Prey and Stroke Lab Ten putters which are part of this range have an enhanced Hi-Def line on the top of the head making it extremely easy to line up your putt to the target.

Some of these putters come with different shaft and hosel combinations as shown in the pictures. These shaft differences can benefit golfers when addressing the ball and some may suit the eye better than others. There are also other benefits, the S style shafts are said to be better for those with some face rotation and an arced swing path, and the flow putters are better for those with an even more defined arc according to Odyssey. 

These putters are extremely well made, well balanced and roll the ball beautifully. A must for your bag.

  • 7 putter styles
  • Stroke Lab weighting
  • Elegant black finish
  • Alignment line.