Evnroll EV5.2 Midlock Putters

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The 2023 Evnroll EV 5.2 Midlock wing mallet-style putter aims to bring armlock to every golfer in a user-friendly way. These putters are just six inches longer than the length of a conventional set-up (Either 39/40/41 inches) so if you typically use a 34” inch putter in a conventional setup, then you will use a 40” inch midlock putter (+6 Inches) just add 6 inches to your usual playing length.

Evnroll are the only putters on the market that incorporate gearing technology, which effectively navigates the ball back onto the intended putting line, even on miss-hits. “The Sweetest Face In Golf” eradicates miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot. Patented groove technology helps the club maintain perfect distance control, which we all know is the key to keeping a nice scorecard. This is one of the most beautiful putters we've seen and comes with the midlock grip for super consistency. The clubhead just feels very evenly balanced throughout the stroke, players will feel a real engagement between the ball and putter face at contact.

Manufactured from a solid piece of 303 stainless steel in the front and face section and an aluminium rear section, you get the best material blend for feel and sound. It comes in a non-glare silver satin finish that is highly durable and premium-looking. The stunning red & white engraved artwork is on full display on the underside of the EV 5.2 midlock. This will be a solid choice of putter for any golfer.

  • Wing mallet design with midlock grip.
  • Patented SweetFace™ Technology.
  • Removes any wrist/hand movement.
  • More control of the face angle.
  • Promotes rhythm and consistency.
  • Midlock Evnroll grip.
  • Even roll distance with zero dispersion.
  • Adjustable 6-point sole weighting.
  • Single top sightline with 2 wing sightlines.
  • CNC Milled 303 Stainless steel front/face.
  • Aluminium rear section.
  • New x2 sole weights.
  • Non-glare silver satin finish.
  • Premium Evnroll headcover.
  • Lengths: 39/40/41 inches.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Evnroll EV5.2 Midlock Putters Specifications

Head Type:Wing Mallet
Face Type:Milled SweetFace ™ Technology
Weight Distribution:Toe Hang
Alignment:Single Sight Line Top
Two Sightlines On Wings
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:1 Year