Evnroll ER5 Center Shaft Hatchback Mallet Putters

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All Evnroll putters employ the most significant putter technology to date and the ER5 Center Shaft Hatchback Mallet putter is nothing short of a masterpiece. The ER5 is high-end and is truly breathtaking, Evnroll are the only putters that incorporate gearing technology which navigates the ball back onto its intended line even on a miss-hit. “The Sweetest Face In Golf” eradicating miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot massively. Putter technology that can do for golfers on the green what titanium did on the tee box. Patented grooves that actually serve a real purpose and help the club maintain perfect distance control, which we all know is the key to holing more putts.

The Evnroll ER5 Center-shafted Hatchback Mallet certainly looks the business, if it didn't mean business then it certainly turns up and looks like it does. This is one of the most beautiful putters we've ever seen. The putter may look like a very daunting design but it's engineered to put the best (dare I say) even roll on the ball with all Guerin Rife's knowledge and expertise rolled into this concept.

Many golfers claim that centre-shafted putters provide superior alignment, giving the player a more stable stroke that demands less effort to move the clubhead to the target line, it can also promote a lower hand position through the putting stroke which some prefer. The clubhead just feels very evenly balanced throughout the stroke, even mis-hits turn out to be great putts as if almost by magic! players will feel a real engagement between ball and putter face at contact. You will be asking yourself about the legality of the putter because it's so good, of course, it's completely legal and conforms to the rules of golf. The technology in Evnroll putter is predominately designed to aid very accurate distance control, and they do this exceptionally well, three-putting will become a thing of the past. Virtually the same distance to the same spot from centre and off-centre hits. Incredible! Give one a go and see if it suits your style on the green.

Manufactured from a solid piece of 303 stainless steel and handcrafted to a very high-level satin silver finish at the Carlsbad headquarters in California. The centre-shafted design in this winged mallet shows a “Hatched Out” centre section with two white sightlines for the perfect set-up, While the white line on the top line also aids perfect ball placement. Swing weight balancing is predetermined by weight 33” E1, 34” D9, 35” E2. The straight shaft is mounted over a hosel pin and is fitted with a FST stepless .370 tip, while a custom Evnroll non-taper 1.2 grip is fitted and provides a lovely visual look. The total length of the putter is measured from the centre of the leading edge to the end of the grip. The balance point of the Evnroll ER5 centre-shafted Hatchback Mallet is 10 Degrees toe down while the lie angle is 70 Degrees. The all-important face loft is 2 Deg loft from the shaft. The stunning red & white detailed Evnroll engraved artwork is on display on the underside of the ER5, logo, model, designed by Guerin Rife, 100% milled, made in U.S.A, it's all there on proud display. Glowing 5 star reviews are Rife for all Evnroll putters and just can't be ignored. Probably the best golf investment you will ever make.

  • Straight shaft-mounted over a hosel pin.
  • CNC Milled 303 Stainless steelhead.
  • Silver satin finish.
  • Swing weight balanced by weight: 33” E1 - 34” D9 - 35” E2.
  • 2 Deg Face loft from the shaft.
  • Lie angle: 70 Deg
  • Balance: 10 Deg Toe down.
  • Shaft: FST Step-less .370 Tip.
  • Top-quality Magnet closure branded red & white headcover.

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Evnroll ER5 Centre Shaft Hatchback Mallet Putter Specifications

Head Type:Mallet
Face Type:Milled
Weight Distribution:Slight Toe Hang
Alignment:Triple Sight Line
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:1 Year