Evnroll ER1V Short Slant Putters

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Evnroll have been busy devising a range of hosel/head configurations to suit every need. The new 2021 Evnroll V series allows golfers to choose between their preferred hosel and head configuration. The 'V' stands for versatility and the range is certainly that. The short slant hosel neck produces more toe hang promoting a more rotational swing-path that releases through the hitting area. This slant neck design has a pin that fits inside the shaft allowing it to flow seamlessly into the putter head, a preferred look by better players. The Evnroll ER1V looks fantastic and is certainly a work of art.

The 2021 Evnroll ER1V short slant putter incorporates the most significant putter technology to date and is nothing short of a masterpiece. The ER1V short slant putter is high-end and is constructed using only the finest materials. Evnroll are the only putters that incorporate gearing technology which navigates the ball back onto its intended line even on a miss-hit. “The Sweetest Face In Golf” eradicating miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot massively. Patented grooves that help the club maintain perfect distance control, which we all know is the key to keeping three putts to a minimum. This is an exceptional putter and looks majestic with its pristine design and graphics.

The clubhead feels very evenly balanced throughout the stroke, even mis-hits turn out to be great putts, players will feel a real engagement between the ball and putter face at contact, this is very important for confidence. The technology in Evnroll putters is predominately designed to aid very accurate distance control, and they do this exceptionally well, putting from distance becomes so much easier.

Manufactured from a solid piece of 303 stainless steel and handcrafted to a very high-level satin silver finish at the Carlsbad headquarters in California. Available lengths are 33/34/35 inches and come with a choice of two grips for you to choose from, red gravity or the new TourTac in white. The delightful Evnroll artwork is displayed on the underside of the ER1V to produce a stunning visual. logo, model, designed by Guerin Rife, 100% milled USA, it's all there and looks amazing. A solid investment and highly recommended.

  • Traditional blade putter design.
  • CNC Milled 303 Stainless steel head.
  • Silver satin finish (Anti-glare)
  • Shaft lengths: 33” /34” /35” inches.
  • Short slant neck.
  • Shaft: FST Step-less .370 Tip.
  • Choice of grips: Red gravity or white TourTac.
  • Magnet closure, durable leather branded headcover.

Evnroll ER1V Short Slant Putter Specifications

Head Type:Blade
Face Type:Milled
Weight Distribution:Toe Hang
Alignment:Single Sight Line
Headcover Included:Yes
Warranty:1 Year