Cobra King Tec ONE Length Steel Utility Irons

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The ONE Length design took the golf world by storm when it first came out. Such a simple idea that had never been either executed well enough, or at all in the past. A good number of years down the line, Cobra still believe in this range as much as they ever have, and for good reason. With each iron at the same length as a 7 iron, your clubs maintain a certain continuity which can really help a golfer with their confidence behind the ball. Longer irons seem to be more difficult to hit in standard lengths so these can really help you get the most out of your game.

The King Tec Utilities boast a massive array of technology that will help lower your scores. Cobra call this a 'Players-Shaped' Utility iron, with a slim top line for added workability. The player's utility is designed to be hit from both the grass and the tee and will help you dial in more fairways and greens when doing so. 

Cobra have used their PWRSHELL-Cup technology in the new range which maximises both launch and distance, allowing you to get the most out of your utility at all times. The H.O.T Face has been AI Designed and made to optimise the spin rates from across the face. By doing this, it can help reduce the drop-off in distance you tend to get when you don't strike the middle of the face. Meaning you'll be closer to your real numbers more often. 

Cobra's Hollow Body design is another reason why ball speeds are up, a light head with foam inserted behind the face drive the ball speeds up to where you want to see them, enabling you to get more distance out on the course and seek pins from areas you might not have before. The foam also helps to dampen vibrations and improve the feel of the club.

  • ONE Length Design
  • H.O.T Face
  • PWRSHELL Technology
  • Foam Filled Heads
  • Hollow Bodies For Speed
  • Tour Inspired Looks