Titleist TSR2+ Fairway Woods

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Titleist have just released their latest 2022 TSR Drivers and fairway woods that are tipped to be the company's best ever. The TSR2+ Fairway Woods are designed to be long and forgiving, a tee-biased 13 deg 3-Wood that is still fully playable from off the fairway. Tour-inspired performance you can trust 100%. Tour professionals wanted a fairway metal that can be played from off a tee or off the fairway, so they designed this compact 190cc head shape for you to split the fairway. When a driver isn't the smart choice, pull the TSR2+ Fairway from the bag and drill one straight down the middle with total confidence, this is what this compact beast is for. The TSR2+ has a larger profile and is slightly more forgiving compared to the TSR2, an easy swinging, high launching option when the driver is a gamble play.

With the lowest centre of gravity (CG) of any Titleist metal fairway, the new 2022 TSR+ Fairway is exceptionally forgiving. Everything about the design of this club is focused on maximum accuracy, when you need that shot more than ever, this will be your go-to club. The CG is closer to the face in this model, allowing a purer strike that will amaze. Looks, sound and feel are all optimised and researched to instil confidence from the outset.

Only premium shafts are used, hand-picked from manufacturers to give optimal results. The graphite shafts utilise the exclusive TORACYA™ carbon fibres and other advanced materials for the perfect shaft. The TSR2+ is built for the tee but is also a great option from off the short fairway grass.

  • Extremely forgiving.
  • Tour-inspired performance.
  • 190cc head size.
  • Long & accurate with easy launch.
  • Optimised looks, sound & feel.
  • Lowest centre of gravity (CG) ever.
  • Elite performance shafts to choose from.
  • 13º loft. Right Hand.