Srixon ZX7 Driver
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Srixon ZX7 Driver

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Srixon's all-new ZX7 driver has been designed for speed and power, focussing all of their vast experience on developing a driver than is packed full of distance technology. The ZX range is claimed to be Srixon's most stable and forgiving driver they've ever made. The new ZX range will benefit all players looking for distance and forgiveness from their drives, Srixon was able to make such strides in distance technology by focusing their attention on the basics of physics; energy cannot be created or destroyed and for every reaction, there's an equal and opposite reaction. So if power and distance are required, the efficiency of energy and it's output is the answer and that's exactly what Srixon has done here with the ZX range. 

Srixon's Layers of Speed and Rebound Frame by alternating the club's areas of stiff and flexible materials throughout the club, starting with the face, which uses an ultra-flexible but highly durable Ti51AF Titanium allow, the subsequent layers are stiff, then flexible and finally at the rear of the club a stiff rib structure which adds rigidity and stability for the entire system. Compared to traditional style clubs that use a flexible face that compresses then decompresses at impact. Rebound Frame used in the ZX series of metal woods adds a second layer of flexible material, by adding this a second layer Srixon is claiming it's like having a spring within a spring. 

Both the ZX7 and ZX5 use a Carbon Crown which is 15% larger than previous generations, it also plays a pivotal role in repositioning the mass back and low thus increasing MOI and forgiveness. 

Your driver will include a universal torque wrench. The weights are interchangeable however included is an 8g toe weight and 4g heel weight, these can be interchanged using the included torque wrench. Depending on the variation of weight set-up will suit different shot shapes. See image below for a greater understanding of how these interchangeable weights affect performance: 

Weight shot shape adjustment

  • Consider the ZX7 for a more penetrating launch and ball flight with greater playability and generous forgiveness. 
  • Adjustable heel and toe weights give players the flexibility of moving the weights around to fit your style. 
  • Symmetrical design. 
  • Adjustable hosel sleeve.