PXG 0311XF Gen5 Drivers

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New for 2022 we have the 0311 XF Gen5 Driver from PXG. XF stands for Xtreme Forgiveness and that is always welcomed by golfers. This is a driver with mid-spin and exceptional forgiveness from the tee box. This driver will suit all abilities and is built for golfers seeking maximum forgiveness, allied with long distance and tight dispersion. Miss hits see great improvement in terms of performance, with a larger profile shape and longer face than the 0311 Gen5 Driver. The larger, long face expands the hitting zone for total off-centre forgiveness. This larger, confidence inspiring shape we be loved by all.

The crown is made entirely from a high-grade carbon fibre. This super lightweight material saves mass in the crown of the driver, redistributing it low and back to the perimeter for the optimal centre of gravity. The aluminium vapor (AV) technology increases the stiffness and stability of the carbon fibre. This innovative process is conducted in a vacuum-sealed chamber and sets the drivers apart from the rest.

Three weights are placed in the XF model, one light and two heavy sole weights that work together to give the golfer significant adjustability in both spin and bias. More weight mass in the toe will give fade bias, extra weight in the heel will provide a draw bias, and mass back in the head will give a higher launch angle. The stock sole weights are one 2.5gram and two heavier 7.5gram weights. These interchangeable weights can be changed out to support your own preferred spin and bias. Weights are available in 2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5/15/17.5/20 grams to adjust the overall head mass. Weight kits are available to purchase so you can experiment with setting and find the optimum setting for yourself.

Hosel adjustment can be changed to suit your own game, +/- 1 ½ degrees up or down from the standard-setting. This can be useful on those windier days when you want to fly the ball down, or on the other hand, you want more air time with a higher setting.

PXG have produced a sound and feel that is radically better than any previous driver in the range. Using modal analysis to study vibration, the PXG XF 0311 Gen5 Driver determined the ideal frequency range to give a more optimal feel and sound at impact. The sound is astonishing, bringing a smile to the face with every strike. The sophisticated internal structure is made possible by precision weighting technology and anchoring the weight ports to the outer wall. This gives the driver a superior structure.

Not only Xtreme Forgiveness but also 5 Star customer service that is 100% dedicated to total satisfaction. See what the new 2022 PXG XF 0311 Gen5 Driver can do for your game, here now at Golfsupport.com.

  • XF – Xtreme forgiveness.
  • For those seeking maximum forgiveness.
  • High grade carbon fibre crown.
  • Enhanced aerodynamic head shape.
  • Titanium alloy (Ti412) face.
  • Larger confidence inspiring shape.
  • Robotic face polishing.
  • Precision weighting technology.
  • Unmatched sound & feel.
  • Aluminium vapor technology (AV)
  • 3 interchangeable sole weights.
  • Mid-spin trajectory.
  • Loft adjustable hosel +/- 1 ½ degrees.
  • Lofts: 9º, 10.5º, 12º.
  • Matching water-resistant headcover included.
  • PXG 0311 XF Gen5 Driver Specifications

    Head Material:Multi-material
    Head Size:460cc
    Head Type:Adjustable
    Crown Construction:AV Carbon Fibre
    Face:Carbon Fibre
    Shaft Type:Graphite
    Warranty:1 Year
    Headcover Included:Yes
    Wrench Included:Yes