TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

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TaylorMade's path to distance has seen a gradual improvement since its launch in 2017. Over the past four years, only minor changes have been made to this near-perfect Tour ball. In 2019, the company's HFM Speed Layer System was introduced which yielded instant gains.

The new 2021 TP5x Golf Ball has arrived and is said to be TaylorMade's most proficient Tour Ball ever, the pioneering five layer structure reacts identically with all your clubs. TaylorMade's design engineers have spent substantial time on the new TP5x R&D (research and development) and with its more reactive Tri–Fast core and new softer Dual Spin Cover, they believe they have created the most complete Tour ball.

New for the 2021 ball comes improved aerodynamics through its seamless Tour flight dimple pattern. Shallower dimples reduce drag during the climb of the ball, while steeper dimples maintain lift during descent for more drop and stop power. The new Tri-Fast core is slightly larger and more reactive to further increase its already accomplished distance.

The Tri–Fast Core is an outstanding feature, three layers have been united with progressive compression to enable immense energy transference, which produces huge speed gains on committed shots. The complementary premium soft urethane shell combined with a rigid inner cover creates the perfect boundary between ball and grooves of the club. The TP5x Dual Spin Cover generates greater spin and accuracy around the greens and a nice feel from the Putter Head.

HFM (High Flex Material) is a new higher modulus material improving energy transfer through the ball generating increased speed. HFM acts like a spring, building up energy and when compressed it rebounds quicker to produce more speed. The TP5x balls are aimed at the golfer who generates faster club head speeds through the swing.

In relation to the TP5: This TP5x version is slightly lower spinning than the TP5 in the wedges, have a slightly firmer feel and show a slightly higher trajectory of flight in the irons compared to the TP5. A few extra yards can be gained with the longer irons over the TP5.

  • New for 2021.
  • 12 Ball pack.
  • 5-Layer ball.
  • Tri-Fast core.
  • Dual spin cover.
  • New softer urethane cover.
  • New seamless Tour flight dimple pattern.
  • Exceptional spin and accuracy.

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball Specifications

Ball Type:5 Piece
Ball Colour:White & Yellow