PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls

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PXG is a well-established name in the golf industry now, so you know you can put your full trust in any new products they bring to market. The company has just released its first ball in the shape of the PXG Xtreme Premium golf ball. This ball offers extreme distance coupled with green-grabbing prowess for a perfect all-round ball. This ball is certainly good enough to earn the PXG stamp. It also features a snazzy alignment aid to help you line those tricky putts up. This line aid is stamped with the words ‘’Parsons Extreme Golf’’

This ball is already in the bags of many golfers, and can easily rival the most premium balls on the market right now. This ball is a more ‘’pearly white’’ as opposed to the duller white of many other brands. This makes it easier to look at and find when you’re in the rough! It comes in a 12-pack with 3x #1 , 3x #2, 3x #3 and 3x #4 balls. 

Technical performance comes from the soft urethane outer cover to grip the irons and give it green grabbing ability. As well as this, you get a firmer ionomer mantle layer that is designed to get the ball out there from off the tee box. This ball will do it all for you! If you use PXG equipment this ball is a no-brainer, and if you don’t they are still well worth a try in our opinion. A great ball for all levels with its strong performance in all areas of the game.

  • Premium quality ball.
  • Blend of distance and short game spin.
  • Designed for all levels and abilities. 
  • High C.O.R. Polybutadiene core.
  • Soft urethane outer cover.
  • Firm ionomer mantle layer.
  • 388 Dimple pattern.
  • Optimised Alignment aid.
  • Conforms to USGA & R&A rules.
  • Box of 12 balls (white)

PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls Specifications

Ball Type:3 Piece
Ball Colour:White
Product Code:PXGBall