Titleist Velocity Golf Balls - New 2020
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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls - New 2020

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Titleist are known for their delivery of the world's best golf ball and first held this title in 1949. For over thirty years, the majority of golfers on the U.S. PGA Tour have chosen Titleist as their go-to ball manufacturer, more than any other golf ball manufacturer combined.

Now set for 2020 are the new range of Golf Ball's, set to put all the others on the market to the test once again with new and improved technology's that nothing but exciting to the owner. New Velocity Golf Balls are no exception.

Every component of the new Velocity golf ball has been engineered for maximum velocity, including new aerodynamic and core technologies that deliver the longest, best performing velocity yet, allowing the best mixture of controlled spin in the air, longer air time and faster speeds from all different shot types from your drive to a slice approach.

The inclusion of the spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design allows for the upmost consistent and high-flying trajectory that will you gain you extra distance. The increased core size of the ball also adds to its spin ability, meaning approach shots are much easier to control and increase the balls ability to stop on the green.

The cover is a Fast NaZ+ Cover which aids ball speed as well as gives it a great feel around the greens. This new Velocity golf ball is available in White and three new colour option's that are perfect for winter condition's in a vibrant and bright Pink, Green or Orange colour

  • Designed for Distance
  • Consistent, High Flight
  • Soft Cover
  • Range of Colours