Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

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Titleist has been one of the leaders in the field when it comes to golf balls for quite some time. They have developed some of the best technology when it comes to golf balls and are one of the most trusted brands with good reason. The TruFeel is the newest ball to add to the collection, and these offer some fantastic features that will be sure to help many golfers around the world achieve their best scores.

TruFeel is the softest golf ball that Titleist make, perfect for those that like a pure feel and soft touch when striking the ball. They have the new TruTouch core which helps to give this soft ball a distance boost, something not too common in a ball built for feel. The state-of-the-art TruFlex cover is incredibly durable and helps to provide accuracy around the greens, allowing you to attack every pin you can get to.

To get the ball up in the air and staying hit, the TruFit aerodynamics come into play and give this ball a penetrating flight, working together with the TruTouch Core which delivers low spin on tee shots to make sure the ball gets as much hang time and roll out as possible. The main focus of this ball was to develop a powerful but soft ball that offers fantastic control in your short game, and the TruFeel achieves this.

As with the majority of Titleist Balls, there is a choice of white and yellow. This ball will be perfect for golfers that love to hit the ball a long way but also like to have that soft feeling that not many distance balls offer. The TruFeel is a top combination of the two.

  • Long off the Tee
  • Titleist's Softest Golf Ball
  • Control From Approach Shots
  • Trusted Lasting Cover

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls - New 2022 Specifications 

Ball Type:2 Piece
Ball Colour:White & Yellow