FatPlate ArcMat Stroke Path Trainers

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The FatPlate ArcMat Stroke Paths give you a strong visual pathway within which to move your club whilst the sweet spot arc, stroke track & numbered face angle lines give complete guidance throughout the stroke.

The ArcMat Stroke Paths come in three different styles: "Straight" which allows for you to practice on a completely flat green to ensure you sink putt's with great consistency and accuracy, "Slight" which creates a small angle to the path allowing you to practice shots that would represent putting on a slightly sloped green and "Strong", which can help with all kinds of greens that have tricky terrains

The ball locator and face line ensure correct alignment at set-up whilst the visual contrast between the bottom stroke arc & leading straight edge of ArcMat highlights how your arc appears relative to the square.

These are also compatible with FatPlate's PuttPlate putting system.

  • Includes a 24 Page Training Guide & Practice/Playing Record.
  • 3 stroke arc styles available: Straight, Slight and Strong.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Used by PGA Tour professionals.

FatPlate ArcMat Stroke Path Trainer Specifications

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