Masters 3-in-1 Multi Cleaner Brush

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Every golfer needs a tool for keeping the grooves of those irons and wedges clean during play. Combining a hard brass brush, soft nylon brush and a plastic club groove cleaner for all types of stubborn debris. This handy Masters 3-in-1 Multi Cleaner Brush is great for keeping your golf clubs performance at the optimum level. A dirty club-face and grooves will affect the flight and direction of the ball, spin rates are also greatly affected, which in turn could severely affect your scoring. Keeping them clean couldn't be easier with the Masters 3-in-1 Multi Cleaner Brush. Make sure you're not without one.

  • 3 types of cleaning methods.
  • Ideal for storing in pockets.
  • Hard brush/soft brush/groove cleaner.
  • Must have accessory.
  • Great gift idea. 

Masters 3-in-1 Multi Cleaner Brush Specifications

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