Callaway Impact Bag

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Code: 31803 / 1B2

The Callaway Impact Bag is a golf training aid that allows you to eliminate fat and thin shots and also helps you cure that dreaded slice shot. This high-quality and super durable impact bag will encourage a flat wrist at impact and help you develop correct muscle memory for a perfect swing. The bag can be filled up quickly with towels or clothes to use wherever you see fit. The bag is made of heavy-duty and high-impact material with a robust zipper. In time you will build up more power and a consistent impact position which will lead to greater distances.

  • Promotes consistent impact.
  • Eliminate fat/thin shots.
  • Cure the slice shot.
  • Use clothes/towels etc inside.
  • Heavy-duty, high impact material.
  • Heavy-duty zipper.
  • Callaway Chev logo branding.
  • Colour: black.

Callaway Impact Bag Specifications

Product Code:C10297