TrueStrike TrueTee Long (Pack of 500)

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This is a bumper size pack of 500 large tees to fit into the TrueStrike tee holder. Bright orange in colour and designed to hold inside the tee holder after the ball is struck. You won't get caught short of tees with this large 500 pack.

  • True Tee long.
  • Fits inside the True Tee holder. (sold separately)
  • Pack of 500 tees.
  • Strong & slightly pliable.
  • Colour: Bright orange.
  • Dimensions: 0.47cm wide x 2.95cm long
  • Cannot be used on the golf course

TrueStrike TrueTee Long Tees (500 Pack) Specifications

Product Code:TS206-MK7