Step Height Golf Tees

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Brand Fusion


Code: 28048 / 2A2

Ensuring you have enough tees for the right shot on the golf course is absolutely essential, so fill up your golf bag with Step Height golf tees before your round to ensure you are well prepared. 

The Step Height Tees are built with a durable construction set to specific heights so there is plenty of choice for you. See below for amounts you will receive in a pack

  • Green tees - 35 tees per pack
  • Red tees - 30 tees per pack
  • Blue tees - 30 tees per pack
  • Yellow tees - 30 tees per pack
  • White tees - 25 tees per pack
  • Pink tees - 25 tees per pack
  • Orange tees - 20 tees per pack

Brandfusion Step Height Tees Specifications

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