Masters Plastic Castle Tees

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Masters Golf


Code: 29369 / 2A13

The Masters castle tees give the golfer a perfect set position as well as super high durability. These tees take some breaking and come in bright colours for easy finding when they ping forwards or backwards after being dispatched from a tee shot. These superb Masters castle tees give added durability over wooden counterparts and offer excellent value for money. Colour coded for size.

  • Orange 70mm. (20 pack)
  • Pink 57mm (25 pack)
  • White 51mm (25 pack)
  • Yellow 45mm. (30 pack)
  • Blue 38mm. (30 pack)
  • Red 32mm. (35 pack)
  • Lime 25mm. (35 pack)

Masters Plastic Castle Tees Specifications

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