Masters Bamboo Tees

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Masters golf have recently replaced their wooden tees with strong Bamboo tees to provide their loyal customers with a more greener and sustainable choice. These are made from sustainably sourced Bamboo and are fully biodegradable, giving a wiser choice to standard wooden and plastic tees. A great alternative that is better for the course and the environment. The packaging is also greener and contains zero plastic content. The Bamboo tees come in three sizes which are colour coded on the packet for easy identification. Red - 2 ⅛ inches/ Yellow 2 ¾ inches/ Green 3 ¼ inches.

The smaller 2 ⅛ inches – 54mm tees, ideal for shallower faced woods and hybrids.

The medium 2 ¾ inches – 70mm tees, ideal for woods and moderate volume drivers.

The larger 3 ¼ inches – 83mm tees, extra length for oversize drivers.

  • Environmentally friendly bamboo.
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • Strong tees.
  • Packaging - zero plastic.
  • Red disc - 2 ⅛ inches – 54mm (25 pack)
  • Yellow disc 2 ¾ inches – 70mm (20 pack)
  • Green disc 3 ¼ inches – 83mm (15 pack)

Masters Bamboo Tees Specifications

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