Lignum Golf Tees

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Brand Fusion


Code: 15139 / 1B14

Lignum Golf Tees - The first Tee with integrated height control. The optimal height can be achieved every time. The Lignum Tee design has a ring system has been designed to quickly and easily put a Tee in the desired position at an ideal height. The ring system is the tool that allows setting up the same height over and over again. Perfect Height Every Time This tee has Stability and Flexibility and can take hits with no deformation. The optimal flexibility from the polymer fibre found within the tee. This new material is called Microwood. Based on wood fibre and natural adhesives, it has all the qualities needed by the outstanding golf Tee.

  • Polymer Fiber
  • Stability and Flexibility
  • Ring System
  • 53mm Pack Contain 16 Tees
  • 62mm Pack Contain 16 Tees
  • 72mm Pack Contain 12 Tees
  • 82mm Pack Contain 12 Tees 

Lignum Tees Specifications

Type:Polymer Fibre
Product Code:TELT