Lamkin Crossline Oversized Grips
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Lamkin Crossline Oversized Grips

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Lamkin Crossline Oversized Grips have been constructed from an M2 rubber compound, this oversized grip adds tack for a higher grip performance. Stress and torque reduction are the result of the distinctive grip pattern. An increase in hand traction allows golfers to concentrate on their swing instead of a grip slip. It is a great choice for golfers with larger hands, or for those who simply prefer the feel and stability of an oversized grip.

Lamkin Crossline Grips Features

  • M2 Rubber Compound for Improved Tack
  • Stress and Torque Reduction for Big Swings
  • Increased Hand Traction
  • Distinctive Grip Pattern
  • Core size 0.580
  • Weight 76g
  • Lamkin Crossline Grip Specification