Golf Pride Z Grip Align

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Golf Pride


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The Golf Pride Z Grip Align is the firmest grip in Golf Pride's Align technology range, the go-to brand for millions of golfers worldwide. Professionals, serious amateurs and weekend warriors all put their trust in this exceptional brand. The Z grip Align combines a heavy cord texture throughout for moisture management purposes, whilst the innovative tried and trusted Align technology ensures exact hand place time after time. We all know the importance of exact hand placement as we play a sport that is repetition reliant. The Z grip has been designed for all-weather use, the exclusive brushed cotton cord works to wick moisture away for a great grip no matter the conditions. Two layers of texturing are present for ultimate club feedback and control. Put your trust in this revolutionary grip.

Re-gripping clubs on a regular basis is proven to reduce scores. Playing once a week and with regular wiping and cleaning of the grips show that once a year is sufficient for re-gripping. Two or more rounds per week would ideally be suited to changing grips twice a year.   

  • Firmest feeling Golf Pride Grip.
  • Golf Pride Align technology.
  • Raided ridge for consistent hand placement.
  • Two layers of texturing for ultimate feedback.
  • Heavy brushed cotton cord texture.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • All-weather control.
  • Standard size.
  • Weight: 50.5 grams.   

Golf Pride Z Grip Align Grips Specifications

Brand:Golf Pride
Grip Size:Standard
Product Code:GRXS