G-Rip Rain Swing Standard Grip

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As the name indicates, the G-Rip Rain Swing Standard Grip is extremely capable in damp or wet conditions. The G-Rip feels tacky and soft on the surface but is constructed of a seamless 3-layer material to offer firmness and low torque that is preferred by the selective golfer. This new Rain Swing grip will keep you nicely connected to the grip without having to grip too tightly. These are made with a specially formulated material that is designed to repel water and give the performance you need in wet weather. Meaning you get the same performance come rain or shine. If you struggle in the rain - this innovative and affordable grip is for you. Highly recommended.

  • Tacky and soft feel.
  • Seamless 3-layer construction.
  • Exceptional wet weather playability.
  • Low torque – preferred by better players.
  • Choice of two colours.
  • Easy clean maintenance.   

G-Rip Rain Swing Standard Grip Specifications

Grip Size:Standard
Product Code:GRSW