Research Shows Golfers Have the Happiest Marriages

Abandoning your wife time after time to play a round of golf is just asking for trouble, right?


Although the average person may think more time on the golf course means less time spent with loved ones (and hence a strained marriage) this – in fact – could not be further from the truth….

Recent research done by has revealed quite the opposite:

Turns out that golfers actually have the happiest marriages, and lowest rates of divorce.

500 golfers wives (who’s husbands visit their golf clubs at least once a week) and 500 non-golfers  wives were asked to rate their marriage satisfaction on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest level of satisfaction, 1 being the lowest).

78% of the golfers wives rated their satisfaction as a 5, compared to 59% of non-golfers wives.

This was closely followed by 15% of golfers wives rating their marriage satisfaction as a 4 compared to 12% of non-golfers wives.

See the visual data below for yourself:

Golfers’ wives marriage satisfaction on a scale of 1-5

Satisfaction 5 – 78%

Satisfaction 4 – 15%

Satisfaction 3 – 4.6%

Satisfaction 2 – 1.8%

Satisfaction 1 – 0.6%


Non-golfers’ wives marriage satisfaction on a scale of 1-5

Satisfaction 5 – 59%

Satisfaction 4 – 12%

Satisfaction 3 –13.8%

Satisfaction 2 – 13%

Satisfaction 1 – 2.2%


88% of golfers asked spent more than 4 hours each week playing golf and 100% played at least once a week.

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