Callaway Apex Irons Review

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Callaway Apex Irons Review

In the vast golfing landscape that we live in now we all have our preferred brands, or even branches of brands!  This often depends on what we have grown up with, who we like watching on tv, the players who dominated the game when we started playing or even something as simple as the first product we used.  I have all these affiliations with Callaway Golf.  From a very young age I loved watching Phil Mickelson dazzle crowds and he always had that Chev logo on his clubs, it made me want them.  I am lucky enough to be the Callaway Brand Ambassador for GolfSupport and now my bag does resemble what 12 year old me wanted to see.  However, with the latest version of the Apex Iron coming out…it could be all change again.

Apex CF16


“Taking perfection farther”

What a HUGE statement from Callaway.  They have always been immensely proud of the Apex range since its original run and it’s not difficult to see why.  Offering a forged game improvement iron seemed like a gamble at the start but they have committed to the idea, refined it and to be honest, created a game changer.

First of all, these irons look stunning.  A nice matte finish gives that “tour” look and bag appeal, the vibration dampening material on the back makes them look like Bruce Wayne designed them and the lines are sleek and smooth.

Callaway tell us that these irons offer playable distance.  Apex is, essentially, a game improvement iron; a fairly wide profile, offset head, cavity back performance but Callaway have made it appeal to all players by using 1025 mild steel (which the mould by a process call quadruple net forging) for insanely soft feel and responsiveness.   The grooves are precision milled to the tightest possible tolerances but most importantly the Apex CF16 features 360 deg face cup technology.

The 360 face cup has been used in Callaway woods for a few seasons, last year it went into the XR range of irons and the Big Bertha irons, now they have found a way to take the industry leading technology into a forged head. 360 face cup technology is engineered to give a player the most consistently high ball speed across the entirety of the face.

Mix the 360 face cup with the progressive offset (more in the long irons less in the short irons) a sole width that narrows toward the PW, precise CG height locations and notch weighting that decreases towards at the lower end of the bag and you get a set of irons that literally anyone can play and get huge improvement with.

Apex Pro 16

Callaway Apex Pro 16 Golf Irons Ultimate forged

“Performance Iron for Players”

Callaway have never been afraid of saying “hey, our product is good, come play it” and with bold statements like the above they are still not shying away from the competition.

The Apex Pro 16 is designed with a tremendous amount of input from the tour.  In all aspects you can see the tour players eyes, dull finish, classic blade size and shape and very little offset throughout the set.   But enough about the paint work, its whats under the bonnet that matters.

Progressive flow weighting is a technology that Callaway use to ensure that every club performs exactly how that individual club is meant too. Tungsten weights are used to distribute the weight exactly where it is needed, and yes, this specific to each iron in the set.  By combining tungsten plugs with the same 1025 steel as we find in the Apex Callaway have achieved irons that perform in every way the better player would like to see and feel.

In the 3 – 5 irons we get an increase in offset alongside more tungsten weighting to give the player a lower CG and therefore a higher ball flight.  Inside the 6-AW the CG is placed higher in the face to give a controlled, penetrating trajectory.

The Apex range is exciting, innovative and it performs extremely well.  The best part though?  They still have that little Chev logo that takes me back to my youth.

Apex CF16 and Apex Pro 16 are available for fitting and presale now and will be released on October 30th.

For any information or to book a fitting call us on 0844 324 6766, email me [email protected] or visit Callaway Golf.