7 Best Golf Accessories For The Green

Have you ever discovered a life hack which you wish you had known about your whole life? Many of these ‘best golf accessories’ are not a new phenomenon. Yet, knowledge is power. That is why we highlight key tips and insights which will help you when choosing your next accessory for the green.

1) Golf GPS / rangefinders

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Buying a Golf GPS is not necessarily useful for everyone, but the added value comes on a case-by-case basis. Some people say this accessory is, hands down, the best golf accessory. With that in mind, how can you recognise whether a Golf GPS is a good investment for you?

If your home course has clear markings, there is a reduced need for the GPS as you can easily calculate the yardage yourself. Equally, the value of a golf GPS may depend on the number of hazards near the landing zone. Additionally, if you know your course inside and out, the device becomes optional. However, when travelling, you may be less familiar with the golf course and find the GPS beneficial.

The advantages of a golf GPS is significant when identifying the best club selection for each hit and by doing so, improving your play. Enhanced distance control and consistency in scoring are frequently reported as a direct result of the golf GPS. Finally, the GPS helps you find the ball when you accidentally hit off the line.

These tracking devices can be bought as a watch or handheld GPS. Both options are excellent, and it comes down to personal preferences. However, ensure the tracker can identify hazards and bunkers, reveal precise yardage and course layup. Some golf GPS double as a scoring sheet as well!

2) Golf umbrella holder

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Talk to any golfing enthusiast in the UK, and you will quickly find, a golf cart umbrella holder is an essential accessory. Granted, initially, you want to invest in an umbrella which is sturdy enough to avoid all wind mishaps on the golf course. Once you have found the right umbrella, a holder is your next point of call.

There are four things you should check before buying a golf umbrella holder.

  • For starters, is the golf umbrella holder adjustable? Ideally, invest in a holder that can be angled to block the sun and rain.
  • Inspect whether the measurements are appropriate for your height. If you are on the taller side, an additional three inches than traditional holders may be beneficial.
  • Ensure the golf umbrella holder can be mounted on your golf cart.
  • Research reviews and forums to evaluate durability or scan the refund policy for further peace of mind.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you find the best golf umbrella holder. Our final words of wisdom areto keep these useful tips in mind when playing golf in the rain.

3)Microfiber golf towels

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Before packing your golf bag and heading to the green, it is a great idea to bring several small golf towels. These towels will be used to dry off your ball after putting out (crucial if the green is wet). Additionally, the towels come in handy for drying other equipment, such as golf clubs. Golfers even find these microfiber golf towels useful for their hands!

What makes a microfiber golf towel different from the spare hand towels in your airing cupboard? Well, these towels are specifically designed to be highly absorbent. As they are fundamental, and frequently used, you will appreciate selecting a cloth that can handle the elements. We highly recommend choosing a dark towel to disguise dirt from the ball on the green.

3) Gloves for golfers

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Another great golf accessory to have, quite literally, to hand are golf gloves! There are three primary advantages to owning golf gloves. These reasons include:

  • Enhanced grip
  • Reduced calluses as well as blisters
  • Protection from adverse weather.

As such, golf gloves are a must for everyone – regardless of your level of golfing expertise.

If you are new to golf, you may have wondered why golfers usually only wear one glove. The reason one glove is worn is as it enhances friction on your lead hand, which is placed on the top of the grip on your club. This is the primary reason for using golf gloves. However, it is not of less importance than skin and weather protection. You can buy golf gloves for the winter months too.

3) Pitchfork (golf divot tool)

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A golf pitchfork, also known as a golf divot tool, is not essential for every golf player. However, it made this list because the pitchfork is a responsible thing to bring along and enables you to play your part to repair pitch marks. It’s not difficult or time-consuming to restore marks on the pitch. Additionally, the golf divot tool doesn’t take up much space and is a cheap buy. If you are looking to improve your golf etiquette, this is one of the best golf accessories to accomplish the goal.

6) Cap or visor

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Accessories that aid the visibility of a shot, to ensure perfection, are like gold to golfers. As such, one is likely to hear a grunt or heavy sigh if the golfer’s hat is forgotten at home. Not only does a golf cap allow you to see without the obstruction of sunlight but it also protects you from harmful sun rays. Therefore, we think it is one of the best golf accessories you can buy.

The perfect golf hat is moisture resistant, easily adjustable and prioritises comfort with durability. Anti-glare is an additional feature to look out for when choosing your next cap. Pair these qualities with the latest temperature control technologies, and you are good to go!

7)Biodegradable Tees

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Every golfer knows that a handful of golf tees is vital for the green, making them some of the best golf accessories. The consideration is whether to choose a plastic or wooden tee. Choosing plastic tees comes at an environmental cost. On the other hand, they are more durable and can come with a zero friction perk. While wooden tees are biodegradable, trees take a long time to grow.

So, what is the best tee for your golf experience? Colour coded tees are used for the convenience of easy identification, making fumbling around for the correct height a thing of the past. Another option is the winter rubber tees which are well suited for a diverse range of surfaces. Rather than having a variety of sizes, one could opt for a micro wood tee which is adjustable to your prefered height.

There are many options to choose from; however, our preference is the wooden tees which are biodegradable. Some golfers have suggested that wooden tees are best for shots and plastic tees are advantageous for irons. As the tees are relatively cheap, why not give them both a go and let us know your preferences in the comments below!

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