6 Golf YouTube Channels You Should be Watching


There’s no denying YouTube has taken the world by storm, and like other social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and the latest on the scene, Snapchat, each has yet to diminish in popularity. Each medium has its own way of sharing content; whether it be an article, image or video.

YouTube has over 1billion users – almost a third of all people who use the internet. Hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched every day, generating billions of views. In light of its phenomenon, YouTuber’s who vlog (video blog) about sport, in particular golf, is on the rise! Viewers love nothing more than watching videos about perfecting their swing technique, the latest fashion items to wear when it rains, and taking humour out of the best golf misses.

So here are the best 6 YouTube Channels you should be watching!

Mark Crossfield – AskGolfGuru

Crossfield is one of the most popular YouTube vloggers – a PGA golf coach in Exeter; and definitely knows his stuff! His videos are some of the best in the field and bring detailed looks at the latest golf equipment to hit the market; from golf bags, irons and drivers. His videos are highly professional, and enjoyable and you will definitely walk away having learnt a thing or two. The videos also provide a detailed insight into how some of the top golf courses in the UK operate!

Steve Buzza – Buzza Golf

From reading up on forums, from devout golfers, Steve Buzza is one to watch (literally). He offers some fabulous tips on ways to improve your wedge play, with some realistic, well-reasoned and hard strategies to hone your craft when taking a swing. Buzza also likes to video his own games, which are of course a way to learn a few tricks of the trade!

Me and My Golf

YouTube stars Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are PGA professionals and post videos, that are not only fun and there for a laugh, but also provide first-rate advice on your golf game. The videos are instructional and therefore useful and are there to enjoy, rather than to feel like a chore learning the game. Ahead of the 14th Open, live on Sky Sports, the duo are going head-to-head to tackle five tough trick shots from Royal Troon.

Brandon and Matt Golf

Everyone needs a break from time-to-time, so even if you’re a die-hard fan of the golf course, you need to inject a little fun and golf banter back into your game. Brandon and Matt’s YouTube channel provides exactly that – from how not to play golf, funny golf impressions, vlogs and about golf courses in the UK.

My Swing Evolution

This channel was created by Christo Garcia, a man who entirely re-defined his swing using Ben Hogan’s lessons. Improving your game can be a tough nut to crack and if you find yourself struggling, this video channel can take you from not being able to break 80 to being able to break par. So why waste time – change your first-hand today with My Swing Evolution!

My Golf Tutor

My Golf Tutor was co-founded by PGA professional Sean McTernan, who believes no matter the skill level, age or size, everyone who wishes to play golf should understand how to play the game – well. His channel is a lot more interactive than others, and sets out to help you iron out issues you may be encountering whilst playing. You can get in touch and Sean will make a video around questions like your own – his videos are entertaining and knowledgeable and there to inform and not condescend!

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