Top Tips to Play More Golf in Winter

There’s no denying that winter golf can be tough. As the temperature dips, some things are inevitable when playing golf: the course becomes damp, you will need to wear umpteen layers of clothing and your hands will feel like ice blocks. If you are willing to brave the Great British elements and get onto the course, you may be wondering how to play golf in cold weather conditions and what to wear on the golf course when it’s cold. In this post, we outline our top tips for playing golf in cold weather.  

5 tips on how to play golf in cold weather:

1. Be prepared

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You may be wondering what to wear on the golf course when it’s cold? Well, there is one answer to this frequently asked question, and that is layering. In cold, winter months, it can feel like a chore going to the golf course because who really enjoys being cold?

There are some simple ways to help you keep warm playing golf in winter. Avoid cotton golf clothing where possible when playing golf in cold weather as cotton allows cold wind to travel through the clothing. Instead, it is a good idea to consider purchasing warm and waterproof golf attire to keep your neck to ankle warm.

You’ll be pleased to know that most golf clothing today is designed using modern technology, ensuring you’ll keep dry in miserable, wet or misty conditions on the course. Not to mention lightweight designs enable you to still be able to play normally without any restrictions – the last thing you need.

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2. Keep your head and hands warm

Most of us are aware that heat escapes from the head, so in order to keep your head warm consider wearing a hat. A woollen ski cap is ideal for keeping your ears warm when open to the elements on the course, unlike a baseball cap which can be fairly useless for providing warmth.

To keep your hands warm, golf gloves designed especially for playing golf in cold, wintery weather provide a slightly better grip and warmth than a standard golf glove.

Top tip: it’s worth putting any spare gloves into a freezer bag, as this will protect them from getting wet if the weather takes a turn for the worst. By doing this it means you’ll be able to change your gloves regularly and guarantee a firm hold on the club the whole time.

You may even want to bring hot beverages to keep your warm during the game, such as a flask of tea or coffee. This will give you a nice boost between shots if needs be during the sub-zero winter weather conditions.

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3. Use a golf tee

It’s no secret that golf balls don’t travel far in the cold weather conditions. In fact, according to research by Trackman, the difference is around one yard of carry for every 10-degree change in temperature. As a result, it’s important to bear this in mind when playing golf in the cold and make tweaks to your game to get the most out of each shot.

To combat this issue, it’s a good idea to use a golf tee as this allows golfers to have more control over the ball. By using a tee, the club is able to hit the ball at a different angle than if it was straight on the ground, helping to add a few extra yards to your shot.

4. Stability is key

With soft conditions under foot, the last thing you need is to be slipping and sliding all over the place. Therefore it is paramount that you have a good pair of golf shoes that will grip onto the different types of terrain of golf courses when playing golf in cold and wet weather.

Top tip: When taking a shot, it’s a good idea try widening your stance to lower your centre of gravity. This small adjustment will make it easier to make a swing in damp conditions, whilst also helping to get some distance on your shot.

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5. Have realistic expectations

When playing golf in cold weather, there is one key thing you should remember: be realistic. It is a known fact that golfers do not play the same in the cold weather conditions as they would during the warm, summer months. For the vast majority of people, your scoring average will increase slightly for a multitude of reasons.

Despite this, it’s important to have fun. Remember the reason why you’re still dragging yourself out onto the course… it’s because you love it! After all, playing through the cold weather months will do wonders for your game, and inevitably put you in greater stead compared to those who chose not to brave the weather to play golf in winter.   

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