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The Golf Grip has been developed for the perfect grip. The grip is one of the most important parts of any golfer's setup, it determines the clubface position at impact, which dictates your shot and the result. Most golfers have either a strong or a weak grip so it is harder to bring the clubface back into impact square. This training aid once installed, shows you exactly where to place your hands and thumbs and an alignment guide to make sure the clubface is perfect to your hand position for increased control and accuracy. The golf grip helps prevent golfers from regripping, hooking, and slicing.

The golf grip has been made from Pebax TPE and a soft TPR, making it soft and comfortable for durability and long life. With men, women, and junior sizes, this allows you to get the perfect grip for all styles of golfers. Please be aware that the men's grip can only be fitted to standard grips and cannot be used for undersize or jumbo grips. It is easy to use, all you have to do is put the device onto the shaft of your club, slide it up onto the grip and make sure the white alignment line is facing the clubface. Once the device is in place you are shown by the graphics the exact positions for your hands to go. This device has been equipped with an internal groove system that prevents any slippage, so you have total confidence the device will stay in place while you swing.

  • Designed for the perfect grip.
  • Internal groove system.
  • Removable.
  • Designed to be used by amateurs and professionals.

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Longridge Golf-Grip Specifications

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