Winn Excel Soft Jumbo Grips

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Jumbo, also known as oversize is the biggest grip size. The Winn Excel has the look of a classic leather wrap golf grip with all the advantages of Winn’s synthetic grip technology. With Spiral Wrap Design, The Excel soft Jumbo grip is the ultimate in lightweight comfort, tackiness and shock absorption. This traditional design spiral wrap is lightweight, which reduces the overall weight and lowers the balance point of your club, thereby increasing club-head speed. As Winn's original jumbo grip, the Winn Excel Black wrap golf grip is extremely cushioned, comfortable and tacky. Allowing the jumbo grips to provide added shock absorption.

  • Grip size: Jumbo.
  • Firmness: soft.
  • Tacky Excel polymer feel.
  • High shock-absorption.
  • Weight: 47g.
  • Core size: 0.600.
  • Colour: black.