Golfsupport Club Repairs

Do you need your golf clubs re gripping ?

Here at the Golfsupport Superstore we have a huge selection of golf grips and guess what ? They are at the best possible prices !

We have Professional staff fully trained to put your grips on for you. They will measure your hand, discuss shot shape preference and advise on grip thickness before just adding grips if you require this information. They will even show you on our simulator the effect of different grips and explain why a grip thickness can have such an impact on a golf shot.

Its not just about re gripping at Golfsupport, Its about expert advice and ensuring you get what you deserve.

Broken or snapped shaft ?

Whether you have been a naughty golfer and done it in temper, hit a tree during your swing or even if the shaft has simply failed we have the re shaft solution for you.

Drop in to the Mansfield Superstore for free advice on all your Golf Club Repairs. 

What we offer.

Apart from best price guaranteed, a speedy turn around and quality workmanship from a PGA Professional we offer a huge selection of golf grips for putters, drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges and irons of course.

We stock leading manufacturers of grips including the Super stroke range, Multi compound range, Black Widow, Brand Fusion, Callaway, Champ, Golf Pride, Longridge, Lamkin and Odyssey to name just a few.

Find our Store.

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