Powakaddy Drinks Holder

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Keep fully hydrated for the round ahead with this Powakaddy drinks holder. Keeping topped up with fluids plays a major part in keeping your muscles hydrated and your mind thinking it's clearest. This easy access drinks holder holds and secures cans, cups and medium-sized bottles, it's easy to fit and also take off with quick release. The holder features the non-spill gimbal design making sure the drink stops in the cup. 

The Powakaddy drinks holders are currently only compatible with the following: 

  • CT and FX 2020 Range.
  • C2 and FW 2019 Range. 
  • Holds cans, cups and medium-size bottles.
  • Easy to fit and quick release.
  • Non-spill gimbal design.
  • Fittings Included.

PowaKaddy Drinks Holder Specifications