FastFold Force Golf Trolleys

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The FastFold Force golf trolleys are easily one of the most durable, robust, and easy-to-set-up trolleys to complete your golf bag. With a completely ergonomic structure, built with only the most durable materials for long-lasting practicality to bring an adequate and affordable product to the user.

The features include an oversize handle to ensure pushing/pulling the trolley is almost effortless but also included is a scorecard holder with even added space for tees or other golf accessories, giving you the courtesy of not having to spend extra for an important accessory on top of the purchase. Fitted with an elasticated strap system, along with a universal cart base, this will not slow down any of your time out on the course with a simple, quick procedure to quickly place and secure your golf bag to the trolley. Just like the brand name itself, the "FastFold" procedure of a one-step folding action, ensures it is compact to fit into tighter spaces for much more portability than other trolleys on the market.

  • Quick-Fold Set Up & Take Down.
  • Scorecard Holder Included.
  • Quick Strap System.
  • Robust/Durable Construction.

FastFold Force Golf Trolley Specifications

Warranty:1 Year
Product Code:FF42092