The Best Value Golf Shoes For Women

According to Golf Link, an average 18-hole game of golf can take as long as five hours. Although that's great for fitness levels, it can be quite demanding on the legs, which is why it’s important to make sure women get the right protection for their feet.

However, choosing a pair of good quality golf shoes can seem a little daunting with so many options and customisations available, and unless you're a pro golfer, how do you know which golf shoes offer the best value?

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What makes a pair of women's golf shoes good value?

All too often, golf enthusiasts play in a pair of regular trainers, and this may seem ok to begin with until you reach the nine or tenth hole when you feel your feet start to swell and ache.

As well as foot protection, having the right golf shoes will also significantly improve your performance on those crucial swings. But what is it that makes a set of golf shoes good value? In short, it's a combination of cost, quality and durability.

Women's golf shoes for beginner golfers

While it can be tempting as a beginner golfer to stick on your running or hiking shoes, do be careful that some golf clubs require proper golfing footwear to protect their course.

For those new to the game of golf, it's best to find a comfortable and lightweight pair at the forefront of its design.

Skechers know how to make good quality and comfortable footwear, and with their golfing collection, they are no different.

With a focus on using ultra-light fabric cushioning and Goga Max technology insoles, Skechers provide comfort and style and perfect golf shoes for beginners. Their Goga Max Technology combines mesh and a cushioned sole designed to mould around the foot for a snug and comfy fit–practical for the driving range and treading the course.

Alternatively, Adidas offer an excellent variety of women's shoes for the beginner golfer, similar in style to regular sports trainers but providing the grip and traction required to keep the feet firmly on the ground. Their lightweight design will also ease the feet and legs on those longer games.

If this is the first time you are buying a pair of women's golf shoes, it's worth knowing what makes up the different parts of the shoe to determine its value better.

Insole/Midsole/Outsole: This is the part of the shoe your foot sits on.

Upper: This section is what covers the cover.

Welt: The welt is the strip of leather sewn around the shoe to keep the upper attached to the insole.

Last: This part is the wooden mould that makes up the shoe.

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Women's golf shoes for Intermediate golfers

As you progress in the game of golf, you will need some women's golf shoes that are built to last.

The Footjoy women's golf shoe range is great for intermediate players, offering golfers many options and customisations to suit their playing style. Their high-end collection offers a balance of comfort and style at great prices that won't pull too much on the purse strings.

Footjoy has produced golf wear for over 100 years and offers some of the best spiked, spikeless, winter and summer varieties.

Adidas offers some great options for intermediate players also. For example, their shoes with the BOA® closure system (a small dial attached to the side of the shoe) allows you to tighten and loosen the shoes using a micro-adjustable dial. This is a great bit of tech that will give you the perfect fit with easy adjustability on the go.

Women's golf shoes for advanced golfers

As a seasoned golf player, you will need a pair of shoes that have the durability to meet your golfing habits, and along with it, the stability and strength to support your performance on the course.

Ideally, opting for a spiked shoe will allow you to get more stretch on those power shots while maintaining a firm grip on the ground, something the advanced player will benefit from.

Aside from the other brands mentioned above, Duca del Cosma and Ecco provide the best value for advanced golfers. Both brands build their golf shoes using high-performance leather, giving the strength and stability a regular golfer needs.

Choosing a pair made from good quality leather, although slightly more expensive, will mean they last longer and are hardened enough to withstand all the different outside elements. In addition, as the leather is encased, it becomes a stretch-free, tight-fitting waterproof shoe.

How long do women's golf shoes last?

Golf shoes will tend to last, on average, two to four years, depending on how often you play and how well you look after them. It can be tempting to keep your golf shoes on when you go to the pub or the gym, but this will add further wear and tear. Simply put, try to use your golf shoes purely to play golf, and they should last much longer than your general footwear.

In addition, you can prolong the life of your golf shoes with some tremendous after-care treatments, such as regularly applying polish and protective wax and keeping your shoes in a tie-up protective bag when they’re not in use.

Final thoughts

There are huge varieties of golf shoes on the market now, offering a lot of variety to suit your golfing style. However, you ideally want a pair with waterproof lining, good grip and flexibility, and above all, a pair that can offer the happy medium of comfort and performance.

Do be careful of fakes online, though. Fortunately, Golfsupport is owned and managed by PGA advanced professional John Lines with a sales and product team with years of experience who strive to ensure customers only receive genuine high-quality products.

No matter what style of golf shoe you choose, however, the women's range from Golfsupport has everything the modern golfer needs. Just make sure you sign up or get in touch to see what deals are available.