The Best Value Winter Golf Shoes

Golfing during the winter months can put your footwear to the test. While those lightweight, stylish shoes may have been perfect for the summer season, winter brings a whole new set of challenges to the golf course with wet, slippery conditions making robust footwear even more essential.

Although there is an array of all-year-round options that cater for both summer and winter play, the fact remains that some golf shoes are better equipped to handle the challenges of the colder months than others.

While the need for water-resistant footwear may seem obvious, there are numerous other elements that determine a shoe’s suitability for winter play. If grip and stability are essential components of any golf shoe, then these attributes are even more important during a time of year when poor weather conditions are more likely to compromise your balance on the course.

Though practicality should be at the heart of your winter footwear choice, this does not mean that the notion of style needs to be abandoned completely. At Golf Support we have a range of shoes that are both fashionable and built to handle those harsh winter courses.

While the top of the range options from the likes of Footjoy and Duca del Cosma are hard to beat, it’s important that you choose a pair of golf shoes that provide great value for you. After all, what might seem like a bargain price to the twice-a-week player may be an extravagant purchase for the occasional golfer.

With this in mind, we’ve highlighted a range of brands that we feel offer great value for money for the winter months. From best-in-class options to more affordable purchases, this guide will ensure you have all you need to find the right shoes regardless of your budget, experience, or skill level.


Stuburt are a brand with an excellent selection of footwear designed for the winter months. Everything about their winter boots, from the robust, waterproof design to the easy cleaning nature, has been tailor-made to tackle the challenges posed by those wet, muddy courses.

From a performance perspective, their winter boots tend to come with a spiked, rubber outsole that will provide you with ample traction in even the worst of conditions. A combative, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing choice, Stuburt are an excellent choice for winter golfing.


With their capacity to maximise performance whilst protecting you from the elements, Footjoy boasts an envious selection of winter footwear. Combining a sturdy aesthetic with Footjoy’s trademark performance-enhancing features, there are few, if any, brands capable of providing such all-round quality for the colder months.

Their fully waterproof winter boots will keep your feet protected and comfortable regardless of the conditions, while their range of technological features provide you with traction and stability across the entire course.

Combining durability, style, and performance, Footjoy provides exceptional value footwear for men, women, and juniors alike.


With PGA players such as Colin Montgomerie and Matt Kuchar having worn their shoes on tour, Skechers are beginning to make their mark as a force within golf footwear.

Within their winter selection, the American company boasts a formidable selection of boots capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions on the course. Robust, durable, and waterproof, Skechers are responsible for some of the best value winter footwear around.

As well as resilience, many of these boots offer optimal comfort in the form of a cushioned insole, with softspikes that ensure grip and stability whatever the weather.

There are very few boots on the market better equipped to withstand the grind of the winter months, and with a competitive cost, they are a great choice for players of all levels.

Duca del Cosma

Italian brand Duca del Cosma have long been the standard-bearer for stylish golfwear. While many of their most celebrated shoes have come in the form of their flamboyant, summer offerings, they also boast some phenomenal footwear for the winter months.

Duca’s winter footwear is the ultimate combination of workmanship and style, with a gorgeous premium leather design complimented by a range of practical features to aid your performance on the harsh winter greens.

Offering ultimate protection alongside a peerless aesthetic, Duca del Cosma are undoubtedly one of the outstanding footwear choices for the winter months.


Golfing in winter poses many challenges that do not apply to the summer season. If you’re planning to continue playing through the colder months, then it’s important to have footwear capable of withstanding the harsher conditions.

While we’ve selected a range of great brand choices here, these make up just a small selection of the phenomenal footwear selection we have available on the Golfsupport site.

If you’d like further information on what type of golf shoes to buy or would like specific guidance on men’s, women’s, or junior footwear, then we have a team of experts on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Whatever the question, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly experts will be delighted to help.