The Best Value Golf Shoes for Men

With nearly 700,000 registered players in England alone, golf is undeniably a mainstream sport. A report from Statista has indicated that 84% of these players are adult men, leaving the golfing industry with no doubt as to who is it’s primary demographic.

It should therefore come as no surprise to find that there are a wealth of excellent footwear options available for male golfers of all experience levels. After all, golf shoes are an integral aspect of both your enjoyment and progress on the course.

Impacting everything from your comfort to your stability when taking that vital swing, a quality pair of shoes is second only to the clubs themselves in the most essential items of your golfing equipment.

While we offer an outstanding selection of shoes for both women and junior players, the sheer volume of options available allows us to provide an even more extensive list for men.

With such a wide selection on offer, choosing the right pair of golf shoes can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Despite the undeniable importance of quality footwear, this does not mean that you need to discount the importance of value when purchasing your golf shoes. Good value footwear can differ from one player to the next, with everything from experience to skill level and time spent on the course key to determining the most suitable shoes for you.

In this guide, we’ll help you decide on a great value pair of shoes whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golfer.

What are the Best Men’s Golf Shoes For Beginners?

With their combination of comfort, versatility, and affordability, Adidas have some excellent choices available for men beginning the journey on the course. With a lightweight, sporty design that offers comfort on the course, their golf shoes manage to strike the ideal balance between style and substance.

Many shoes within the Adidas range work great for dress wear too, thanks to their spikeless soles and slick, retro aesthetic.

Aside from Adidas, Nike is another brand that provides stylish, affordable beginner’s footwear.

What are the Best Men’s Golf Shoes For Intermediate Players?

As you begin to spend more and more time on the golf course, it’s essential that your shoes are built to last. As the long-time standard-bearer in golfing footwear, Footjoy has an array of essential yet affordable purchases available for golfers ready to take their game to the next level.

Footjoy’s shoes are always designed with performance in mind and tend to come loaded with features that can enhance your skills on the course. With everything from grip to stability catered for in their innovative designs, the American company’s shoes offer ample value for the improving player.

With a variety of colours available and Pittard’s acclaimed Chromoskin Leather used in many of their shoes, Footjoy are the perfect blend of performance and panache. A great footwear option for both the summer and winter months.

What are the Best Men’s Golf Shoes For Advanced Players?

As your game becomes more refined, so too should your golfing equipment. Footwear is no exception and choosing the right shoes can prove vital as you strive for the incremental gains needed to further reduce your handicap.

Bursting with performance-enhancing features while offering a distinctive, often-customisable style, Footjoy’s premium shoes tick all the boxes for the diehard golfer. With their high-end footwear, you’ll find many of the attributes referenced in the intermediate section alongside numerous other features designed to maximise your comfort, traction, and swing.


While we’ve provided you with some quality brand choices here, these are just a small selection of the many great options available on the Golfsupport website.

Deciding on the best golf footwear can be a subjective thing with each golfer prioritising different things when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

Whether you prioritise comfort, style, or versatility, Golfsupport are here to help. If you require any more support, please contact our team who’d be delighted to provide further assistance.