The Best Value Golf Shoes For Juniors

Stability, comfort, and durability are all critical components that make up a pair of great golf shoes, particularly when you think a young golfer can be walking 3-6 miles in an average game. For this reason, children who play golf should have the appropriate footwear that is comfortable on the driving range and supportive on those long golf matches.

However, with all the different options and various technical terminology associated with golfing shoes, it can be tricky to filter through the best value for money golf shoes that provide comfort whilst enhancing the child's performance.

What makes a good junior golf shoe?

Comfort is key! With the right balance of comfort and style, your child will feel more confident on the golf course, which will greatly affect their interest and performance in the sport. In addition, a snug fit will prevent any slipping on the feet causing blisters.

Style is important too, with both Nike and Adidas renowned for their unique but familiar sporting style. They’re both a good choice of brands for children as they successfully combine sporting technology with fashionable designs.

Aside from comfort and style, the shoes must also be durable to withstand all those bumps and bruises children naturally get into. Ideally, the shoes should also be made from water-resistant materials to prevent damage from the rain. However, if the young golfer likes to play only in the summer season, a golf shoe that is lightweight and breathable may be more appropriate.

What brand is best for junior golf shoes?

Adidas and Nike are brands very familiar to young people and they may already own sportswear from these makes. Top PGA names like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Suzann Petterson don the Nike brand, which may also influence young people to choose this brand for the golf course.

Ultimately, however, all brands are pretty consistent when it comes to the quality of their golf shoes, all vying to find a perfect balance of comfort, style and durability.

Brands like Footjoy and Skechers are also noticeable players in the golf shoe arena, each investing year on year to their collection, ensuring the best in design and golf shoe tech.

Some of Skechers designs have the H2GO Shield waterproof protection technology to keep the feet dry and stable, particularly through the winter months. This can be found in the Go Golf Blaster golf shoe for juniors, an excellent choice for any youngster, no matter their level of experience.

Spike or spikeless for junior golf shoes?

With the majority of golf shoes now offering perfect traction and grip for the golf course, you may wonder whether spiked golf shoes are really necessary for your young golfer.

Spikeless shoes are more comfortable, and the preferred option for younger children or beginners just taking up the sport. However, older juniors who get more experience with the game often opt for the spiked variation. Spiked shoes will offer a little more grip allowing the golfer to stretch more on their swing without falling over.

Where can I find good deals for junior golf shoes?

We all like a good deal, so knowing where to go to get the latest discounts can help significantly reduce the cost of junior golf shoes.

Golfsupport has a ‘Price Beat Promise’ policy worth bearing in mind. If you see the shoes cheaper anywhere else online, Golfsupport offers an after sales guarantee for seven days, allowing you to get credit if you see the shoes cheaper elsewhere. If the purchase has not yet been made, contact us and we’ll amend the price to match.

Final thoughts

Children's golf shoes are often very similar to those made for men and women, giving a similar look and feel whilst harnessing the same technology. This is important because young players need to feel confident whilst playing the sport, and this in turn, will improve their performance on the green.

In addition, some golf courses now have requirements that golfers use appropriate footwear to protect the course. That’s why it helps to invest in some golf shoes that not only look the part but serve as practice accessories to the sport.

When it comes to choosing junior golf shoes, the ones that will add the most value are the ones that the child enjoys playing in. They are then more likely to look after and make good use of them on and off the course.

A few things to bear in mind when purchasing some golf shoes for a child:

The quality: Is the golf shoe made from good quality materials? Leather is the most popular choice for golf shoes due to the material's robustness.

The cost: Are there any deals available? There is no harm asking Golfsupport to see what they can offer.

Style: Are they stylish? Sometimes providing children with shoes that they don’t consider stylish may knock their confidence on the golf course.

Durability: Will the golf shoes last? Getting a pair made from strong, good quality materials with waterproof technology will help costs in the long run.

Comfort: Do the golf shoes provide cushioned insoles? Children's feet are more delicate than adults feet, and ensuring a tight cushioned fit will provide comfort and support.

Visit the Golfsupport junior golf shoe range to see the full collection on offer, and while you're at it, why not take a look at some junior golf gloves to complete the look.