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Ecco Golf Shoes


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Ecco golf shoes are just amazing in every department. The Golf Tray shoe is new for 2022 and features a nice colour scheme and a higher side sole that is highly desirable from all angles. This is a beautifully crafted shoe with real Yak leather uppers for ultimate durability. This leather is very hard-wearing, lightweight and highly breathable. This allows the foot to remain dry and cool in all temperatures. Ecco's proven Hydromax waterproofing will carry on performing even in the harshest of conditions. The shoe benefits from a 1-year waterproof guarantee from Ecco for peace of mind. ideal for golf at any time of the year.

There is a removable comfort insole that gives great cushioning for the foot. The FluidForm soles which have been developed over many years give you unmatched comfort, helping to reduce stress and fatigue on your feet and legs so when you take them off after a long walk around the course, you feel nearly as good as you did when you first put them on. This technology has grown to create ergonomically advanced soles, Combining all-day softness, flexibility, lightness and durability for the most comfortable shoes available on the market today.

Stability and grip are extremely important to Ecco, the design of the spikeless traction is quite astonishing. It provides a very stable base and support when rotating through the ball. When durability is added into the mix, you have the perfect underfoot traction to aid your swing.

As a part of the ever-growing ecological problem our planet faces, Ecco are fully committed to making changes to help with the ever-growing problem. Ecco leather has taken a big step towards reducing the water they use in their tanneries. While saving over 20 litres of water per hide, the DriTan technology also produces leather that is indistinguishable from traditionally tanned leather in terms of quality, characteristics and stability. Stunning in all departments, not least looks.

  • New men's design for 2022.
  • Hydramax water resistant.
  • Exceptional Breathability.
  • Spikeless green-friendly outsole.
  • Fluidform technology.
  • Removable inlay for washing.
  • Traditional lace-up shoe.
  • Colours: concrete/black or white blue depths.
  • Regular fitting.
  • Sizes: EU 41 to 47.
  • Sizes: UK 7 to 12 (including 11.5)
  • DriTan sustainability.
  • 1-Year waterproof warranty.

Ecco Golf Tray Shoes Specifications

Upper Material:Leather
Warranty:1 Year
Product Code:100304