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Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes

Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes
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After the huge success of the original Ecco Biom Hybrid golf shoes who would have thought Ecco could produce an even better shoe. Well, the ecoo Biom Hybrid 2 shoe boast many new features whilst still retaining the look and quality of the original. This shoe is 20% lighter as a start point than its predecessor. The outsole has strategic points of strength highlighted by vibrant colours in areas needed for stability, something critical for consistent ball striking. The shoe is also positioned slightly lower to the ground and inside the shoe the insole boasts silicone gel points to enhance grip internally, something I am sure we all can relate to and welcome as an asset to this great shoe.

    Additional great features include:

  • The continuation of YAK leather
  • 12 month waterproof guarantee with Hydromax technology
  • Ecco recommend their own waterproof spay to help prevent staining of the leather.

These shoe are now available in a "Gore-Tex" version - Click here to view Verdict

What do we here at Golfsupport say: Having just seen this shoe at the buy in I was so impressed. There are subtle design changes which is great as why change a winner anyway, but the little cosmetic changes do enhance the old model. The technology advances all make good sense and the proof is in the trying. I was a fan of the previous model and wear it in all weathers and so I can only expect this to be even better. Happy feet = Happy muscles = Happy golfers. Well done yet again Ecco