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Duca Del Cosma is an Italian company that produces the finest and most highly distinctive golf shoes on the market today. They are made to look fantastic but are also extremely practical and comfortable to wear straight from the box.

Much like its namesake, the Valderama shoe is only for the elite golfer. Dashing and cool with distinctive Duca styling. The soft leather upper provides total waterproofness and an exquisitely comfortable interior that will give you the feeling of exclusive luxury.

The shoe has premium soft Italian Nappa leather uppers which are primarily black in colour with a white section across the laces and sides. Duca Cor Linza MTP 2.5mm Aqua stop lining is a water-repellent membrane that lies between the uppers and the lining which ensures that no water penetrates into your feet. The shoe comes with an Arneflex foam insert which is covered with OnSteam, which is a high-density absorbent foam that allows your feet to be ventilated, kept dry and totally comfortable. This insert is extremely comfortable and moulds into the shape of your foot. The Valderama shoe has an Airplay IV spikeless outsole, providing lightweight, flexible comfort, traction and stability throughout the shoe. The manufacturers have developed the spikeless sole so that it can be conveniently worn both on and off the golf course. The entire sole of the shoe is fully recyclable, making this an ecological choice for the informed golfer to help preserve our wonderful planet. It is a laced golf shoe with the laces being made of polyester to give a look of luxury whilst providing great support and strength. The Duca emblem is proudly emblazoned with pride on the side and rear of the shoe.

Tee off in style with these gorgeous new Valderama golf shoes from Duca Del Cosma. This is a handcrafted golf shoe that is dedicated to quality, performance and style.

  • One year waterproof warranty.
  • Made from soft Nappa leather.
  • MTP Aqua stop lining.
  • Fully breathable.
  • Removable insert.
  • Airplay 1V Spikeless outsole.
  • Green & clubhouse friendly. 

Duca Del Cosma Valderama Golf Shoes Specifications

Brand:Duca Del Cosma
Fitted Spikes:Spikeless
Widths Available:Medium
Warranty:1 Year