The golf course does not seem like an obvious place to care about your fashion sense.

Serious golfers certainly place a lot of value on their appearance when playing golf. Looking good and playing well tend to go hand in hand and stepping onto the golf course wearing a pair of golf shoes that you feel comfortable in from a fashion perspective will boost your confidence whether it is hitting that all important tee shot or sinking that vital putt.

And a lot of that can stem down to the choices you make in initially deciding what golf shoes to buy. One of those important considerations will be which colour to pick.

So let’s start with the age-old debate:

Black Golf Shoes or White Golf Shoes?

Often the decision lies with whether to wear black or white golf shoes when hitting the golf course and this can be a difficult decision.

If you are after a more traditional style of golf attire, then white golf shoes are generally the better choice. They tend to stay in style for longer and go better with the overall golfing look.

That said, it is always useful to have a pair of black shoes available, particularly if it has been raining or is scheduled to rain during your round. The chances are with rain that the golf course will become damp and muddy.

With a pair of white golf shoes, they will quickly become dirty and discoloured. Even though it is likely that you will clean your shoes after your round, over time imperfections and stains will begin to show and your once immaculately, white golf shoes will turn a rather grubby shade of brown.

Even in wet and muddy conditions, much of the mud and dirt will become hidden on black golf shoes. Obviously you will still want to clean your shoes after a muddy round, however any discolouration or staining over time will be less obvious due to the initial darker colour of the golf shoes.

Therefore it is perhaps best to invest in a pair of black golf shoes for the winter or when the weather is less than ideal and retain your white shoes for the summer and for when the weather has been more favourable.

White golf shoes will also reflect heat energy from the Sun. So in the height of the British summer, or maybe when playing golf abroad in hotter climates, white shoes will keep your feet much cooler than black or dark coloured golf shoes.

Another consideration to make is what else you are wearing with the golf shoes. Golf trousers bear very little impact on the appropriateness of golf shoe colour. However, if you are wearing shorts then white golf shoes are generally recommended. If you do wish to wear black shoes and shorts, then you are best recommended to wear black shorts and black socks as well.

The issue of fashion on a golf course normally comes when you mix colours. You wouldn’t see many amateur golfers wearing grey shorts, black socks and white shoes whilst playing golf.

Keeping the choice of colour more consistent will help with a more professional look.

Saddle Golf Shoes

Saddle golf shoes are those which are more than one colour. Traditionally the front and back will be one colour and the ‘saddle’ across the front of the shoe will be a different colour.

They are usually a mixture of black and white and therefore provide a suitable compromise to those golfers who cannot decide between whether to choose a completely white or completely black golf shoe. This can also help with the fashion debate as they can pretty much go with any form of golf attire.

Saddle shoes should also be easier to clean in theory because the vast majority of the golf shoes are black.

They do however also come in a two-tone brown colour, which retains a very traditional feel to the golf attire.

Overall, saddle golf shoes are a viable option and provide something of a middle ground between the black or white debate. They do however have a more dated appearance about them, which is perfect if you are looking for a classic golf look.

If this is not to your liking, then you are probably better suited for a more modern, black or white style golf shoe.

What About Brown Golf Shoes?

If you cannot decide whether to go with black or white golf shoes, and the saddle shoes are not to your liking, then you may like to consider a brown golf shoe.

The main advantage of brown golf shoes is that they are less likely to show significant staining or imperfections over time. Of course, they will still need cleaning after a muddy round of golf, but this could be a quick wipe over rather than a deeper clean.

They are also slightly more versatile from a fashion sense as they can be worn with almost any colour trousers or shorts - although if you are wearing brown shoes with shorts, it is advised to wear brown socks as well.

What are the alternative colours available for golf shoes?

There are no rules against wearing alternative colours to white, black and brown on golf courses. In fact, colourful, eccentric and sometimes garish clothing is often a feature of the professional tour.

The only requirement is that you wear smart, appropriate golfing attire in line with the local golf course conditions for play.

Depending on the brand of golf shoe, there is sometimes the option to select an alternative colour. The search function on our website allows you to filter results by colour, offering up to 17 different colours.

For the vast majority of golf shoes, they will be available in white, black, brown or saddle style, two-tone design. But there is a wealth of options out there to choose from.

If you are after alternatives to traditional colours for golf shoes, then more modern golf shoe designers, much like the Adidas or Footjoy golf shoes, have a trainer/athletic design to them. These are often available in a variety of colours, normally on a white base with coloured patterns on top.

If you are more of an eccentric golfer and demand something a little bit more niche, then there will be something out there for you. We are proud to offer a fantastic selection of customised Myjoy golf shoes to allow you to add that personal touch. Any of our products offered by Footjoy can be personalised with your name, initials or pre-designed logos. These come in a range of colours and designs to suit your personality - so get creating!