There’s a lot to consider when buying golf shoes. A good pair is essential if you really want to enjoy the time you spend on the golf course.

As you’ll be walking over four miles per round you play, it’s important to find the right fit to reduce friction, and prevent slipping and blistering. Comfort also comes into play, because walking through varied terrain and hitting shots puts a lot of pressure on your feet and shoes.

What’s more, you need support to give you stability when swinging - our shoes are our connection to the ground, which is where power starts in the swing. So, poorly fit shoes can limit the power you create. For the best game possible, you need to spend time thinking about how to buy the best pair of golf shoes for you.

With these points in mind, here’s some information that will help you find a golf shoe that fits perfectly.

At the top of your shoe, where your laces tie, there should be a space about a thumb’s width wide.

There should be approximately half an inch between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.

There should be no excess movement in your shoe when you walk.

The flex point of the shoe should match the bending of your foot.

When simulating your golf swing in a new pair of shoes, they shouldn’t feel too loose or too tight - too narrow and your toes will rub, too wide and you’ll have excess movement. Either could give you blisters.

Signs your shoe might be too tight:

If the eyelets are too far apart, the shoe is too narrow.

Stretching around the toes shows that the shoe is too narrow.

Advice for Ladies

Many womens dress shoes are tight-fitting, with narrow toe boxes. While deep toe boxes might not be your first choice from a style standpoint, more room in your shoe is essential to enhance comfort.

If your feet feel constricted, this will affect your performance, and as we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of walking in golf. A quick way to see if there’s enough room in the toe box is to simply try to wiggle your toes.

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Additional points for ensuring a proper fit

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With so many options, buying golf shoes is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Some questions we get asked are: ‘Which golf shoes are best for wide feet?’ and ‘Which golf shoes offer the most support?’ If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly experts are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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