There’s some confusion about whether golf shoes offer benefits beyond their appearance, and many people are even tempted to wear regular shoes or trainers to save money.

However, golf shoes are designed specifically to support and enhance the performance of the golfers who wear them, and in this section, we’ll explain why golf shoes are worth it.

Support and comfort

It’s important to feel comfortable, with no pressure on your feet while performing the swing. The leather and other materials used to design golf shoes are light and flexible, offering the utmost comfort.

Many golf shoes also feature extra padding that supports the midfoot and forefoot, and intakes any shocks. This midfoot support is key when driving the ball because golfers end their swing on the balls of their feet.


Traction is a critical factor when you perform a swing on hilly terrain or even in wet conditions. Lack of traction means less stability and less swing speed, because we secure our feet on the ground as we swing.

A lack of traction can also cause slips and this could result in a mishit. The solution? Spiked golf shoes offer excellent traction and so are a necessity for your golf swing. Detachable twist spikes on the outsole of the golf shoe help golfers maintain traction on various golf course surfaces.


As the swing is performed while the golfer is standing still, the golfer needs a larger shoe base to be able to maintain a good balance in this position. Golf shoes are uniquely designed with a larger sole and a broader shoe base to ensure this balance.

Other types of sports shoes do not have this broad base, because unlike golf, their use usually involves more intensive foot movement.


Many golfers think that waterproof golf shoes are designed for rainy days on the course, but these shoes offer numerous benefits beyond rainy days. Aside from keeping your feet dry, these shoes can also improve your performance through the game by maintaining your stability and grip.

Overall, it’s important to consider where you play and what conditions you play in. While this might not not be important for everyone, if you like playing in different weather conditions, a waterproof golf shoe is invaluable.

Our range of golf shoes includes designs with Gore-Tex waterproof technology - offering unbeatable waterproof protection, you won’t feel any water penetrating your shoe as you make your way around the golf course.


Breathable fabrics allow sweat in the form of water vapour to escape from the inside of the fabric to the outside, while also allowing cooler air from outside to enter. Many golf shoes are made of material that increases breathability and reduces the pesky smell from sweat. Shoes made with Gore-Tex lining, for example, absorb moisture, prevent sweaty feet and allow feet to breathe.


More often golfers play on irregular, hilly terrain and so, benefit from shoes that are more supple. As golfers sometimes swing a club on an awkward slope, the golf shoe is designed to be flexible. Other types of footwear like shoes worn for football or netball are made to keep a player’s foot in place - but golf requires a bit of elasticity in its footwear.

With an extensive range of golf shoes available online, choosing the right pair of golf shoes might feel like a daunting task. If you’ve got any questions about material, style or whether to go for spiked or spikeless, our friendly team will answer your questions. Please get in touch and we’ll help you make the right choice.