Most golfers do a significant amount of walking on the golf course. However, significant torque is created by swinging a golf club, particularly in your ankles and feet. Therefore it is essential that you have a pair of golf shoes that can adequately support your feet, and this generated rotation, whilst also providing you with comfort whilst walking the course.

We at Golf Support are well versed in what makes a good shoe.

One must also consider the shoe’s ability to handle the outdoor elements.

The golf course, after all, is susceptible to become very muddy in wet conditions, not to mention the odd visit to the bunkers where they are likely to be grounded in sand. Plus, most golf courses are very rarely flat and therefore the shoe must be able to endure an undulating topography.

For these reasons, golf shoes are some of the most complicated pieces of footwear in production and why a regular pair of shoes is unlikely to provide you with the necessary comfort, support and endurance for multiple rounds of golf.

But are golf shoes the same size as regular shoes?

If I am a size X in regular shoes, does this mean I am a size X in golf shoes?

The simple answer is not necessarily.

Under normal circumstances the best way to find a pair of golf shoes that fit your feet accordingly would be to arrange for a formal fitting. However if you are purchasing your shoes online, then trying on the shoes before you buy them is not possible.

However a good starting point is starting with what you know has fit you well in the past.

According to Adidas’ global footwear director Masun Denison: “Over the last three years, we have not changed our sizing at all...if you have worn an Adidas shoe in the last three years, there is an excellent chance that the size you were comfortable with then is the size you would be today in any model we offer.”

However just because you are a certain size in one shoe, does not mean that you are the same size in another shoe. And this could not be exemplified more than between golf shoes and regular shoes.

The most important factor is how the shoe fits in something called the last - the mould or form that the shoe is designed around. This can determine features of the shoe such as:

Companies use different lasts for different types of shoes. So if you are switching between brands, it is highly likely that a different last was used to create the new shoes you wish to buy, meaning there is a strong possibility that they come up differently on your feet in terms of size, shape and feel.

The last thing that you need when making a purchase is to end up with a pair of golf shoes that are too tight or too loose. This will significantly impact upon your level of comfort and performance on the course.


Golf shoes can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer.

It is imperative to not make the assumption that you are a particular size in a regular shoe, therefore you must be the same size in a golf shoe, as this may not always be the case.

Golf shoes are designed to withstand the challenges faced by walking the golf course and playing outside in the elements, and this could impact upon the size and shape of the shoe in comparison to your feet.