Titleist T350 Graphite Golf Irons

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As you go through the Titleist T Series models and work up to the higher numbers, you get more help in terms of speed, distance and forgiveness. Titleist irons are not just for the elite ball strikers, but also players who need help in all departments, especially forgiveness. This is the latest T350 model set for 2023, giving shaping and looks that will positively transcend and heighten your confidence levels. This is a player improvement graphite shafted iron set for the player who doesn’t always hit the centre of the clubface with every single strike.

High, far and forgiving is the promise from Titleist, the T350 iron set is quite simply the best looking and best feeling game improvement iron set Titleist has ever produced. The set is built around a new forged face and hollow body design. The whole construction is powered by proven tour technologies, giving golfers huge amounts of forgiveness in a player's looking design. These look sensational from every angle, giving a more polished and cleaner look than previous iterations.

This is the graphite shafted set, giving lightweight speed for greater distances. Graphite is becoming more and more popular with both professionals and amateurs, giving stunning aesthetics with more yardage, what more could you ask for?

Starting with a new hollow-body construction that is based on the T200 chassis played on Tour, the Titleist T350 graphite shafted set maximises speed and forgiveness through a refined Max Impact Technology, a new dual-taper forged face and dual tungsten weighting. Now any player can benefit from Titleist’s most advanced engineering. A new multi-material, hollow-body construction transforms the performance of the T350 iron set, larger and more forgiving you get maximum forgiveness with more of a pure player’s feel.

Carry distance is both long and consistent, even on those inevitable off-centre strikes, keeping you on or around the greens and out of trouble. That’s the name of the game as we all know! Working closely with Titleist Tour Pros and top amateurs, the grind experts at Vokey Design were able to further improve the Variable Bounce Sole by softening the trailing edge to allow the club to flow faster through the turf, even after contact with the ball, to make your best strikes feel even better.

By using dense D18 tungsten and a 2000º degree aerospace brazing process, Titleist engineers have eliminated weld points and have been more precise with the centre of gravity placement. T350 now features the same dual-tungsten weighting as our Tour distance irons, leading to a solid feel with maximum forgiveness. What are you waiting for? Come and get yourself a set of Titleist graphite irons that will prove to be the most satisfying investment you will ever make.

  • The ultimate game-improvement iron set.
  • Lightweight & premium graphite shafts. 
  • High, far & forgiving construction. 
  • Forged face/hollow body construction.
  • Refined Max Impact Technology.
  • Long & consistent carry distances.
  • Off-centre forgiveness.
  • Cleaner design/polished look.
  • Enhanced feel throughout.
  • D18 Tungsten weights & 2000º brazing process.
  • Premium True Temper steel shafts.
  • Golf Pride Tour velvet 360 grips.
  • Full-custom options. 

Titleist T350 Graphite Golf Irons Specifications 

Head Material:Stainless Steel
Head Size:Game-Improvement
Iron Back:Hollow Body
Iron Construction:Stainless Steel With Tungsten Weights
Face:Forged Face
Shaft Type:Graphite
Warranty1 Year