PXG 0311XP Gen4 Graphite Irons

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If you are looking for a premium quality graphite shafted iron set with great player looks and game-improvement attributes to match, you may be looking at your new set of irons. XP' stands for Xtreme Performance and is designed for golfers looking for more help with distance and forgiveness. 

This 0311 GEN4 XP model has the biggest head size in the GEN4 range and will be well suited to mid-high handicap golfers. This is still not big by any means, but larger than the ST - Super Tour, T -Tour and P - Player models. The 0311 GEN4 XP model has the strongest loft in the range but still creates the highest peak height, this will be appreciated by higher handicap golfers. This model will be ideal for mid to high handicap standards. PXG have taken game improvement to a whole new level.

This set benefits from premium graphite shafts to not only give an awesome look but to further aid in distance gains due to the lightweight construction. Lighter weight equals higher swing speeds, which in turn will produce longer distances. Senior golfers and players who have lost a few yards for varying reasons will benefit greatly from graphite shafts.

XCOR Technology is incorporated into the 0311 GEN4 range and is the result of a multi-year research and development programme. XCOR was created specifically for use in the PXG iron range, the proprietary polymer material is bunny rabbit soft and highly compressive to deliver greater face movement and a massive sweet spot.

The ultra-thin face is the thinnest in golf!. This is made possible by the use of high-strength HT1170 maraging steel. Combined with the proprietary XCOR Technology, this gives unbeatable forgiveness and the highest C.O.R ever by PXG irons. C.O.R is a measure of velocity between two objects when they collide. (C.O.R - Coefficient Of Restitution)

Every iron in the set is 5x forged from soft 8620 carbon steel. This multiple forging process creates a very tight grain structure and provides a distinctive and pleasing sound and feel to the club. The 8620 carbon steel is super strong and durable which will extend the lifespan of the grooves. Each iron is milled on the back surface to reduce the wall thickness, this high-precision process creates a high performance body design and further enhances the aesthetics of the club.

Outstanding levels of performance and forgiveness in a player-friendly set of irons from PXG Golf. The XP model will be ideal for mid to high handicap golfers. One hit and you will be blown away!

  • Premium graphite shafts
  • Designed for mid-high handicap golfers.
  • Larger head with more offset.
  • 5x Forged 8620 soft carbon steel.
  • Distance & forgiveness.
  • PXG's most advanced technology.
  • Incredible soft feel at impact.
  • Proprietary XCOR Technology.
  • Adjustable head weighting.
  • Available to both right/left handed players.
  • Choice of premium graphite shafts.
  • Premium quality grips.
  • PXG 0311XP Gen 4 Graphite Iron Specifications 

    Head Material:Forged Steel
    Head Type:Hollow Cavity Back
    Iron Size:Midsize
    Iron Construction:Hollow Back Maraging Steel
    Face:Maraging Steel
    Shaft Type:Graphite
    Warranty:1 Year