PXG 0311ST Gen4 Graphite Irons

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The benefits of blade irons over cavity back and game-improvement irons is like chalk and cheese. Blades give exceptional feel, sound and workability, giving better or more skilled golfers options in shot selection. Add graphite shafts into the mix and you can add additional yardage to the many attributes. The PXG Gen4 ST graphite blade irons provide an incredible striking and feeling experience. The back of the clubs are milled to an aesthetically pleasing, high precision process to give them that stellar look. Every single line, curve and flowing line is designed to exact specifications and tolerances. 'ST' stands for Super Tour, constructed and designed with direct feedback from PXG's Tour professionals no less.

This graphite shafted set comes in two different finishes, a more traditional, slightly duller chrome finish or an Xtreme dark option. The Xtreme dark option uses a DLC coating ( Diamond-like carbon) DLC creates a ultra-tough and durable coating that significantly extends the lifespan of the irons in terms of looks. This three-layer process includes a chromium base, carbon chromium middle layer and a high carbon outer layer. This coating is approximately 3/25.000 of an inch thick to gives exceptional wear resistance. The look is stunning and high-end.

Graphite shafts provide many advantages over their steel counterparts. The material is lighter to give faster swing speeds and in turn yield greater distances. The look is fantastic, giving a nice all black look if you have chosen the Xtreme dark finish. Graphite shafts are especially beneficial for senior golfers and those players who have lost a few yards for varying reasons.

With minimal offset that better players like to see at the address position, the 0311 ST Gen4 graphite blades feature the companies proprietary precision weighting technology so every golfer can get the most out of every swing. The removable weighting in the back of the irons are inspired by the metal woods and putters in the PXG range. The large round weight can be adjusted during a fitting in 2 gram increments, allowing golfers to experiment with different head weight configurations. Please note: Weighting is intended to be adjusted in a fitting only.

The 3/4/5 graphite irons display a slightly larger profile and small cavity to boost the moment of inertia and give maximum forgiveness in the process. The 6/7 graphite irons feature a thinner topline and moderate blade sizing. The 8/9/wedge & gap wedge all show a thin topline and shorter blade length to put you in complete control. This set is packed with technology to help you find the right feel and performance on the course. PXG have once again delivered the goods to give precise ball flight and control.

  • Graphite shaft iron set.
  • 3x Forged/milled process.
  • Precise control & ball flight.
  • Tour design shaping.
  • Outstanding workability.
  • Exceptional forgiveness.
  • Lovely feel & sound.
  • High moment of inertia.
  • Easy to play through rough grass.
  • Available to both right/left handed players.
  • Choice of premium graphite shafts.
  • Choice of grips.
  • PXG 0311ST Gen4 Graphite Iron Specifications

    Head Material:Forged Steel
    Head Size:Midsize
    Iron Back:Hollow Back Cavity
    Iron Construction:Hollow Back Maraging Steel
    Face:Maraging Steel
    Shaft Type:Graphite
    Warranty1 Year